IFS Powder Coating Primers

As well as world class top coats, we also offer a range of tough, hard working powder primers, designed to add another level of protection to your product. Here is a brief outline of our powder primers and what they can achieve. For more information, check out the Technical Data Sheets, or contact us and we’d more than happy to help!

  • IFS Epoxy Primer – this primer provides excellent corrosion resistance and exterior longevity. Product code: ERSS 70424.brown powder
  • IFS KW Primer – created using an epoxy resin and modified to offer good corrosion resistance. For interior applications only. Product code ELSS 72131.
  • Zinc Rich Primer – this primer has additional zinc extruded into the product to give superior corrosion protection for exterior applications. ELSS 72683.
  • IFS OGF Primer – this clever product eases outgassing on parts like castings or galvanizing. It is based on an epoxy resin. Product code ELSS 73127.
  • IFS Conductive Primer – this primer provides surface resistance and good chemical and corrosion resistance. Product code ELSS 74220.

What do IFS powder primer do?

Our high quality powder primers will bring additional properties to your product. Certain substrates, like steel, that require additional corrosion protection truly benefit from a good powder primer. IFS primers will help with:

  • Improved adhesion. Superior adhesion to the substrate and topcoat can improve chip resistance.
  • Toughening. A tough primer improves the chip resistance of a hard, wear-resistant topcoat.
  • Corrosion resistance. A primer can slow the spread of rust from a cut that penetrates through the coating.
  • Sealing. Used on porous substrates to protect the topcoat from craters, pits and discolorations.
  • Edge coverage. A low flow primer can achieve coverage of the sharp edges of metal substrates. 
  • Smoothing. A primer may be used to fill pits and cracks and bridge onto bumps in a metal substrate