IFS Special Effect Powder Coatings

Add originality, depth and interest to your powder coating by adding a special effect. Sparkling metallics, tactile textures and silver veins add a great special effectmulti colored powder spray to any of our colors. We've added  a few of these effects to this site, but it's REALLY difficult to see these effects on screen - the light bouncing off a beautiful chrome effect finish, the ridges in a river vein or the delicate sparkle in a soft metallic simply don't come through. If you’re not sure what the effect looks like, contact us to ask for a  color card or sample chip. Choose from:

  • Metallic
  • Anodized effect
  • Hammer Tones
  • River effect
  • Veins
  • Textures
  • Speckles
  • Multi-component looks
  • Clear coats

Not all of these special effects are suitable for long term exterior use. This is because when we create some of the effects, the weatherability of the product is affected.  In this case, adding a durable clear coat can help achieve improved durability, but if you’re not sure, we’re happy to advise you. Simply give us a call on 866-437-2864 or  send us an email.

Please bear in mind that making some of these effects can take longer than a simple color. For example, we ensure our metallics are bonded for improved application and aesthetic appeal. However even though we have an in house bonding department, it still takes much longer to make metallics than a simple shade. We’re happy to advise you on the timeline for your product!