Architectural Powder Coating Colors

IFS Coatings range of high performance, architectural products come in a wide array of powder colors.

Check out the range below to see just some of the base range of colors that appear on our color card, and are available in IFS 500FP our high performance Fluoropolymer (product codes start with an 'F'), IFS 400SD our high performance Super Durable (product codes start with an 'S'), and IFS 300SP our standard polyester (product codes start with an 'P'). Always choose your product type (Fluoropolymer, Super Durable or polyester) first and then get the color you want in that product type.

Colors below are all shown with Super Durable (S) product codes, but all are available in any product type.

Contact your architectural specialist for the correct product code for your spec.

Please note that colors appear different on screen. Always ask for a free sample panel or color before specifying or purchase. Our color card even features powder coated chips, so it's a great tool to keep on hand. Contact us for your free copy.

What about metallics and anodized style shades?

Simply put, metallics and anodized shades just don't look good on screen. The sparkles don't sparkle, there's no concept of gloss, and they simply aren't a good representation of these incredible looking powders. 

You can check out our digital color card, which does give an indication of a few of our anodic and metallic colors - but again, colors, and especially metallics, simply don't look the same on screen. Metallics never sparkle as they do in real life - get a sample panel free of charge before you make your choice. 

Many more colors than this

Don't forget, the below shades are just what is on our current color card. We have thousands more - including awesome silvers, bronzes, golds, platinums, neutrals and of course brights. Contact us for more ideas and free sample panels.

If you have a very specific color you want to match to - whether it's a client's brand or a liquid color that you want in powder to be more sustainable, whatever you need - then get in touch and we will match it and send the samples to you free of charge. 

Don't forget, there are 3 different architectural powder product types. each with their own performance capabilities. Like most coating companies, not all colors are available in the high performance Fluoropolymer product type, that meets and exceeds AAMA 2605 and comes with a 20 year warranty when applied by a registered applicator to architectural aluminum. Fortunately it tends to be the bright oranges, reds and pinks/purples that are more difficult to achieve (and we don't get asked for them on exteriors very often). The reason? We have to use very high grade pigments to enable the coatings to meet the 20 years color and gloss warranty, and while these brighter shades will meet the 10 year AAMA 2605 requirements, they struggle to meet the 20. If you're not sure, talk to an IFS architectural specialist and we will guide you through the simple process.