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High quality, competitive powders for refinishing, under-hood, wheels and more. A first class selection of products, colors and clears.


We all love our vehicles – they’re important to us and our busy lives. IFS places that same importance on the powder coatings used to finish them. Our powder Refurbished car racecoatings have been carefully created to offer a high quality finish and a high quality performance. With a great range of chemistries, including polyesters, super durables, acrylics and more, we have a professional grade powder for every application. Scratch and abrasion resistance, durability and weatherability, aesthetics and even flexibility are all important functions, so choose a high quality IFS powder coating that meets your needs. Every type of vehicle - push bikes, motorbikes, cars, trucks, RVs – they can all benefit from IFS powder coatings.

Purecoat, our range of powder clear coats will add a protective finish without color. But if it’s brights or blacks, translucents or textures, mattes or metallic you need, we have a color that will add the perfect finish.

Whether it’s ensuring the exterior trim of your vehicle benefits from the latest colors in the perfect gloss level, or making sure interior pieces have the warm, professionally finished, quality characteristics you expect, IFS automotive coatings have the perfect powder.Refurbished Harley

Exterior parts need high level protection, including UV weatherability, scratch resistance and chemical resistance. The automotive world also requires beautiful aesthetics, high gloss and superior smoothness. Interiors also need scratch resistance and the choice of a wide range of colors, metallic effects and textures.

IFS powder coatings offer all of the above and more. We offer thousands of powder colors, in many different chemistries including super durables, urethanes and acrylics. Check out our product information pages for more info on those chemistries. What’s more, as the environmentally responsible choice, IFS Coatings also allows you to choose the sustainable coating option. With so many aspects of vehicles now designed to be more sustainable, using an environmentally responsible coating seems obvious. IFS powders contain no VOCs, no toxic compounds, create less waste and require less energy to apply.

We tend to have a very special relationship with our bike, whether it's engine or leg powered! They’re important to us. They’re practical but they also afford us anKC Kruiser bike in red enormous amount of fun and enjoyment. We care about them and we spend time and money showing them some TLC.

Every part of your ride is on show when you’re driving two wheels, so achieving a high quality, impressive finish is really important. At IFS we have worked with many different bike companies to deliver first rate powder coatings that will protect and enhance your bike. Easy to apply and competitively priced, our powders also offer good protection from the elements, great scratch resistance and a very professional, high quality finish.

Available in a vast range of colors, metallic and sparkle effects, clear coats and protective primers as well as many different gloss levels, IFS powder coatings will make sure both wheels, and everything else on your bike, look great.

Underhood and underbody parts work hard. On many vehicles they’re not even visible, but they do a very important job and protecting them is equally importantMulti-colored powder coated springs. IFS has a great selection of powder coatings that can offer the very best in chemical, corrosion and scratch resistance to ensure the very best levels of protection.

As well as hard working top coats, check out the IFS primers which will deliver even more protection to these hard working parts. 

We also understand the need for quality powder coatings that boast simple application parameters and will keep your line running efficiently. IFS powders have been designed with great transfer efficiency in mind and offer an extremely competitive coating option.

Achieving a gorgeous, high quality automotive finish for wheels with IFS powders is simple. With a high quality range of powder primers and clear coats, as well as sexy black shades and candy brights (to name but a few) IFS is driving quality Alloy wheel rimautomotive coatings forward.
Alloy wheels require beautiful clarity, whether it’s a color or a clear coat, while standing up to every type of road condition. Protection from gravel and rocks, ice and snow, salt and humidity, sunshine and chemical cleaners…the things that happen to your vehicles wheels are endless.

IFS powders have been carefully formulated to offer excellent UV durability, scratch, chemical and chip-resistance and superior aesthetic appearance, including crystal clear transparency and first rate smoothness. 
Of course they are also available in a huge range of colors and special effects.