IFS internal sustainability

At IFS we are always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact. And if we can also improve efficiency at the same time – bonus!

Some of our recent investments have done just that. We have introduced a new system to help collect and reduce fines. Fines are undersize particles created during powder production. They are actually good powder but end up being waste. Waste obviously becomes landfill, which we want to reduce.  A new system was installed to help rework powder fines more efficiently and within 6 months we could see a 30% reduction in landfill waste. That means higher efficiencies, less scrap and a smaller environmental footprint.

Investing in technology

As you know, IFS manufacturing is set up to service our customer’s needs with orders large and small. Investing in new production machinery that will continue to produce high quality powder is a big part of that endeavor. Ensuring we have good, quality modern machinery also means we can monitor our energy use and constantly look for ways to be more energy efficient.

Simple changes, big savings

Being ‘the environmentally responsible choice’ is part of the IFS DNA and IFS staff really do care. A quick look on the US Department of Energy website highlighted a step by step guide to where the biggest energy uses might be. Air conditioning is a necessity, but really contributes towards energy usage in a big way. Simply investing in smarter thermostats allows us to have better control in varying the temperatures depending on when that room or building is being used and is creating significant energy savings. Similarly, investing in motion sensor lights in our production and warehousing areas means we only use energy when we need it.

IFS boxes

Making sure our powder can be reclaimed and recycled or reused is important to us, but so is ensuring our packaging minimizes environmental impact. IFS boxes are made from 68% recycled materials and our bags are biodegradable. Watch this space for updates on bags that are also 50% recycled materials!

Carbon Offset

We offset a good percentage of our carbon emissions on a monthly basis, contributing to various renewable energy programs throutgh a recognized carbon offsetting program.

IFS recycling

The IFS team is encouraged to recycle

  • Aluminum cans
  • Magazines, catalogs and newspapers
  • Cardboard, boxes and plastics
  • Shred and recycle paper


Carbon Offset

We take part o