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Brochures, Color Cards & Info

Don't forget colors never look the same on a screen, so order your FREE IFS color cards[sitetree_link,id=11].

Key to product codes

Understand the IFS product codes. Every powder product has its own unique code. Our thermoset powders have a 4 letter and 5 number key. The 4 letters can be particularly helpful in ensuring you have the right type of product.

Powder Coverage Calculator

Coater Technical Tips & Info

At IFS we have a wealth of experience and information available to you! Check out some of the great technical tools, perfect to assit with a problem or as a training tool, from webinars you can watch whenever it's convenient, and videos to see how its done, to technical guides and an ebook that takes you through common issues.

5 Minute Powder Learning for Coaters


The IFS team is here to help you with any powder or application issues you may have, Below are some of the more common issues that can crop up from time - hopefully this will help!

Powder Coating FAQs


Architectural Resources

All the digital architectural powder coating information you need in one place!

Architectural Training

At IFS we have many, many years of powder coating experience between us. As experts in the powder coating field, we would like to share this knowledge with you.

Repair guide for Puroplaz PE20

We get it. Sometimes accidents happen and damage to the thermoplastic surface occurs. Fortunately a fix is pretty easy, whether it's a deep scratch or a lighter one.

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Powder Manufacture & Application

How is powder made?

Powder Care & Maintenance

Once applied, powder coating needs to be properly cared for, just like any paint. For example, you would not buy a car (which is painted aluminum), leave it on your drive way for 10 years, never clean it and expect it to look the same. Powder used on exterior applications is exactly the same - it needs to be properly cared for. Usually a basic cleaning schedule a few times a year will suffice, but check with your IFS representative for the details of your powder.

Powder vs. liquid

Powder Coatings offer a great many advantages over liquid paints. Check out just some of them below.

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