IFS Advance Services

Delivering unparalleled service and products

At IFS Coatings our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and products to the industry while providing the environmentally responsible choice. We have IFS Advance brochure front pagethe expertise, knowledge and a dedicated team of professionals. This, coupled with the range of outstanding product and service options in our IFS Advance package, will bring you additional value and can help advance and improve your coating process. Check out some of the great services that IFS bring to you...

IFS Appraise

Ensuring your powder coating process is as efficient and effective as possible will improve your coating line and boost your productivity. This will enable you to get the very best out of your equipment and our powder. IFS Appraise is essentially a thorough analysis of your existing application process. The IFS technical service experts will work with you and your IFS representative to evaluate your entire powder coating process. A full line audit will be completed looking at the pretreatment process, powder application process, your powder utilization rate, oven performance, record keeping, first run capability and more. This line appraisal will allow us to build up a picture of your current line performance. A report will be produced for your use covering all the findings. Once we have established this baseline performance, we will work with your team to discuss the audit findings and your goals and objectives. An action plan will be created, a team will be identified and we will work with you to implement it. This will enable you to get the very best out of your powder application process.

For more information on IFS Appraise, talk to your IFS representative or contact us.

IFS Enhance

Ensuring IFS powder runs through your line as efficiently and effectively as possible is important to us. IFS Enhance powders use a special technology that improves the electrostatic charge distribution over a range of particle sizes traditionally found in a powder coating. The IFS Enhance technology allows the electrostatic charge to make it to more particles uniformly, which means more particles make it onto the part.

IFS Enhance will enhance your powder coating process and could potentially:

  • • Improve first run capability
  • • Improve uniformity of film build
  • • Improve first pass transfer rate
  • • Improve powder reach into difficult areas such as corners or nooks
  • • Improve reclaim capability
  • • Improve finishing costs and decrease powder waste and consumption
  • • Improve efficiency and reject rate.

Your IFS representative may already have requested that your powder benefits from IFS Enhance. Talk to your IFS representative for more information on IFS Enhance.

IFS Fast Cure

Improving your line speed or dwell time can have a significant impact on your efficiency and line productivity. Certain IFS powder coatings can be formulated to be highly reactive. This allows the powder to either cure more quickly at the same temperature, or cure at a lower temperature. It’s simple, but can contribute towards improved line efficiency and productivity as well as reduced energy usage and therefore reduced costs.

Talk to your IFS representative about IFS Fast Cure powders for your line or contact us.

IFS Match

With over 76,000 colors and effects in the IFS color library, including RAL shades, matches to liquid paints and more, you can rest assured that we have the color expertise to ensure you get exactly the color you need. If you can’t find exactly the right shade, IFS Match, the IFS color matching service is available. Send us a sample and we will match it in the product chemistry you request. You can also add special effects such as metallics, textures or veins - whatever you or your customer desire. Ensuring you have beautiful looking powders available is important, and we know you need those color matches quickly. We’ll get them to you in 7-10 business days. Need quick custom colors in small quantities? The IFS sister brand, , is the perfect partner for coating professionals needing quick turnaround times and flexible quantities in a standard polyester chemistry. At we will “match it – make it – mail it” in only 5 – 7 days, and any color or effect is available in quantities as low as 5lbs.

Talk to your IFS representative about IFS Match and custom colors.

IFS Co-cure

Certain applications require more than one coat of powder. IFS Co-cure uses clever formulation technology so that 2 coats of high quality IFS powder can be applied with only one cure cycle. This technology was developed for applications that require two coats, such as a primer and a top coat, or top coat and clear coat. The IFS Co-cure technology allows the first coat of powder to be applied, followed immediately by the second coat, with no time in the oven needed between the two. Once the second coat is applied then both powders are cured together. Each coat of powder has been carefully formulated to work with its partner so that together they offer optimum protection, while reducing production time and energy costs.

Talk to your IFS representative to see if IFS Co-cure is available for your two coat application.