Coater Technical Tips & Info

At IFS we have a wealth of experience and information available to you! Check out some of the great technical tools, perfect to assit with a problem or as a training tool, from webinars you can watch whenever it's convenient, and videos to see how its done, to technical guides and an ebook that takes you through common issues.

Technical Guides

Choose one of our guides to read here:

Training Webinars

Our webinars are easy to follow, English language webinars, put together by the IFS technical team that cover some of the most common issues we get outgassing video screen shotasked about. They range from about 30 - 40 minutes long and cover all sorts of different topics! Watch them at the links below!

. This webinar takes you through the different types of powder coatings, their advantages and disadvantages and where to use them.

We cover some of the most common application issues, what can happen and how to avoid them. We can't cover every issue and every type of combination of equipment, but this webinar takes you through the most common issues and how to solve them!

. Making sure your powder is fully cured and meets the performance parameters your customer expects is important. These simple tests will help you ensure your coating is good and your customer is happy. 

There's nothing worse than applying your coating, curing it - and then there's something wrong. Check out some of the most common appearance issues and how to make sure you don't experience them! 

This webinar takes you through good equipment management and also some suggestions from seasoned pros for your maintenance schedule. 

Demonstration Videos

Check out our !

Coaters Technical Ebook

The IFS Coaters Ebook is easily downloadable so you have everything in one place. 

More Resources

There is plenty more available - troubleshooting posters you can put up by your coating operation with top tips in both Spanish and English, brochures, leaflets and the ability to ask our technical experts direct! Contact us and we'll send them out to you!