IFS powder Coatings for

High performance, durable IFS powder paints for exterior (curtain walls, railings, fencing) and interior architectural applications. Choose from a vast array of colors and effects and world class protection.

IFS powder coatings for


High quality, competitive powders for refinishing, under-hood, wheels and more. A first class selection of products, colors and clears.

IFS powders for

agricultural, construction and earth moving equipment

Hard working products need hard working coatings. Choose from a wide selection of powders created with strong, durable performance in mind.

IFS powder coatings for

kitchen appliances

Tough, hardworking, scratch resistant powder coatings that will safeguard and add style to kitchen appliances for domestic and commercial use.

IFS powder coatings for


Choose from thousands of colors and effects that will also bring durability, scratch resistance and style to any furniture piece

IFS powder coatings for


First rate powders for hardware such as door handles, faucets and more. Clever powders with excellent technical prowess with a smooth finish and excellent clarity and color.

IFS powder coatings for

general industrial applications

A great choice of product technologies and colors make IFS powder coatings suitable for all types of industrial application.

IFS powder coatings for


Industry leading service, flexibility, a range of chemistries and over 76,000 colors. IFS Coatings is the Job Shops best friend.

IFS powder coatings for


Modern, contemporary, traditional, antique…choose from quality powders that will protect and decorate all types of domestic and commercial lighting.

IFS powder coatings for the

retail environment

Design with confidence using IFS powder coatings for interior and exterior retail environments. Perfect for use on metal substrates, add hard working color, texture, metallics and special effects using IFS powder.

IFS PureFlex FBE powder for


Flexible, corrosion resistant, quick-cure thermosetting powder coating designed to offer the very best in protection to rebar

IFS PureClad 

Stronger. Safer. Better.

Groundbreaking new powder coatings for non-metal substrates 

Incredibly fast, low cure IFS PureClad powder delivers robust performance, and a superior finish on non-metal substrates like wood, MDF and fiberglass.