NSF Approved Powder Coatings

IFS Coatings has a huge range of high quality, NSF/ANSI approved powder coatings that are designed to meet the demands of the various NSF specifications. The IFS NSF powders have been tested by NSF and pass their strict testing and performance specifications and fully comply with their requirements.

All IFS Coatings NSF approved products can be found on the   NSF logo

NSF/ANSI Standard 51 establishes minimum public health and sanitation requirements for materials used in the construction of commercial food equipment. The requirements of this Standard are intended to ensure that the composition and surface finish of food equipment materials are such that a material will not adulterate food nor render food equipment difficult to clean and sanitize.”

There is an enormous selection of IFS powder coatings that have been NSF 51 approved, in both epoxy and hybrid chemistries. Too many to list here! There's a full list on the NSF   For help in choosing the product that is right for your application, talk to your local IFS representative or contact us.

NSF 61/ANSI 61 applies to materials and coatings used in the manufacture of equipment that comes into contact with either potable water or products that support the production of potable water.

For fittings, pump, tank and valve applications, the following IFS products are NSF 61 approved:

  • Black – ERSS11685

  • Blue – ERSS22993

  • Brown – ERSS47676

  • Gray – ERSS75636

  • Green – ERSS33254

  • Red - ERSS62900

  • White – ERSS83401

  • Yellow – ERSS51039

Technical data sheets are available for each product

Choosing your NSF 61 color

IFS Coatings has many different powder products and colors approved by NSF. The colors that we have approved are generic – e.g. “black”, “green”. “red” etc. Testing has been completed on these specific formulas and they have been approved. However there are many shades of 'green' and you may be looking for a very specific color. Our formulations have been approved to produce various shades of each color to within a certain tolerance. If the shade you need is not within this tolerance, then it may not be approved. For more information or help with your specific color requirements, talk to your local IFS rep or contact us.