Puroplaz® testing

Both IFS Puroplaz® PE and Puroplaz® PA have been put through rigorous performance testing to ensure the ultimate in chemical, mechanical and weathering performance. The following ASTM tests have been passed by IFS Puroplaz®

  • ASTM B117 Salt Spray – scribed and unscribedQuality control measure low to high
  • ASTM G154-06 QUV
  • ASTM G53 QUV
  • ASTM G26 Xenon Arc
  • ASTM D4541 Adhesion
  • ASTM D2240 Shore D Hardness
  • ASTM B2794 Impact resistance
  • ASTM B 638 Tensile and Elongation
  • ASTM D2247 Humidity Resistance
  • ASTM D4060 Taber Abrasion
  • ASTM D1238 Melt Index
  • ASTM D522 Flexibility conical mandrel bend
  • ASTM D523 Gloss
  • Particle Size – spray grade, dip grade
  • Dielectric Strength

What's more, check out the Puroplaz PE chemical resistance testing performance on our dedicated page.