Puroplaz® Service

IFS Puroplaz® thermoplastic powder coatings have been carefully formulated to be suited to all application methods, including electrostatic spray and fluidized bed, and deliver outstanding mechanical, chemical and weathering performance, even in desert sand, marine and coastal applications.

Putting the customer first - unparalleled service and product.

Delivering unparalleled service and product is at the heart of everything we do at IFS, and IFS Puroplaz® thermoplastic powder coatings are no exception.

Puroplaz® thermoplastic powders are available in a wide range of standard and specialty colors, all of which are compounded rather than dry blended.

We understand flexibility is key, in both your thermoplastic powder product and your business, so every Puroplaz® product is available in industry leading batch sizes from small to large.

What’s more, these hard working powders have been formulated and manufactured to deliver first class spray ability and transfer efficiency.

It goes without saying, that as an American company, Puroplaz® powder coatings benefit from the unparalleled service that is the IFS Coatings mission.

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The environmentally responsible choice

Our commitment to deliver the environmentally responsible choice remains unwavering, and you can rest assured the IFS Puroplaz® range is BPA, phthalate and halogen free and contains no chlorine components, plasticizers or heavy metals. In addition, IFS Puroplaz® does not contain solvents, VOCs or toxic compounds, can be reclaimed, reused or recycled and the single coat applications save product, time and energy. No hazardous waste is created in either IFS’ manufacture or application resulting in easy non-hazardous disposal requirements. IFS Puroplaz products are also California Prop 65 compliant.