Puroplaz® PE

IFS Puroplaz® PE is a range of extremely tough and pliable polyethylene thermoplastic powder coatings that offer excellent adhesion without a primer, and look great.

The Puroplaz® PE range consists of:

Puroplaz® PE 15  - the ultimate in scratch and mar resistance with an appealing 40% gloss

Puroplaz® PE 20 Texture - a beautiful coating that keeps its good looks after heavy impact

Puroplaz® PE 21 - excellent scratch and mar resistance with a beautiful high gloss finish

Each of these tough, thermoplastic powders delivers truly outstanding technical performance. IFS Puroplaz® PE powders will proudly deliver

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Extremely high impact resistancefootball helmet
  • A tough film that seems soft to the touch.
  • Excellent corrosion protection  - salt spray resistance beyond all conventional coatings
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent chip resistance
  • Exceptional UV and weathering resistance with over 15 years minimal fade and chalk protection
  • Cold weather performance to -70C
  • Reduced noise and vibration to the part
  • Graffiti resistance
  • Will not support mold growth

For a more detail look at the chemical resistance qualities click on the link above.

Puroplaz® PE15

As well as all of the above attributes, Puroplaz® PE15 comes in a lower gloss formulation while still delivering outstanding abrasion resistance, superb outgassing performance and excellent impact resistance.

Puroplaz® 20 Texture

As the name suggests, Puroplaz PE 20 Texture has all of the incredible performance capabilities you would expect from Puroplaz PE, but is available in a unique and pleasing texture. What’s more, it provides incredible ability to better hide damage from extreme applications.

Puroplaz® PE 21

If you’re looking for elegance in thermoplastics, look no further. Puroplaz PE21 delivers a Class A finish in a beautiful 70-80 gloss.  And it’s not just looks. Puroplaz PE21 has a gorgeous, high quality finish AND it delivers incredibly high scratch/mar resistance and extremely high slip and lubricity. 

Puroplaz PE thermoplastic powder coatings are available in flexible quantities and a range of gorgeous colors, including RAL favorites. Check out the Puroplaz colors or download a digital color card!

Got a scratch in the Puroplaz PE20 surface? Check out