IFS Puroplaz® thermoplastic powders

IFS Puroplaz® is the world class, tough, hardworking and extremely resistant thermoplastic powder coating product line from IFS Coatings. Manufactured and tested to offer the ultimate in thermoplastic powder coating performance, it is available in standard and specialty colors

Choose IFS Puroplaz® thermoplastic powders deliver superior performance and can be relied upon to offer:IFS puroplaze front cover

Formulated to deliver a tough, functional and protective film, IFS Puroplaz® offers world class thermoplastic powders suitable for an enormous range of applications such as outdoor furniture and site amenities, fencing and handrails, wiregoods, automotive parts such as running boards, clips and harnesses, water pipe and fittings, oil pipe and fittings, medical equipment, boats and ships, battery boxes and electrical trays. Puroplaz® PA is also perfect for dishwasher baskets.

IFS Puroplaz® thermoplastic powder coatings have been carefully formulated to be suited to all application methods, including electrostatic spray and fluidized bed, and deliver outstanding mechanical, chemical and weathering performance.

The IFS Puroplaz® product family includes Puroplaz® PE, a polyethylene based powder that delivers incredible adhesion and flexibility, and Puroplaz® PA, a nylon based coating that is tough yet extremely smooth. For more detailed information on each product check out the individual product pages.

The environmentally responsible choice

Our commitment to deliver the environmentally responsible choice remains unwavering, and you can rest assured the IFS Puroplaz® range is BPA, phthalate and halogen free and contains no chlorine components, plasticizers or heavy metals. In addition, IFS Puroplaz® does not contain solvents, VOCs or toxic compounds, can be reclaimed, reused or recycled and the single coat applications save product, time and energy. No hazardous waste is created in either IFS’ manufacture or application resulting in easy non-hazardous disposal requirements.