IFS Purecoat - clear coat powder coatings

The IFS clear coat range

IFS Purecoat is a high quality range of powder clear coats suitable for many different applications. These beautiful powder clears will add another level of protection to your product, while allowing the color or substrate beneath to show through. IFS Purecoat is perfect for use on a wide range of products including stainless steel, plating, aluminum die cast and zinc die cast hardware, door handles, faucets and bathroom hardware.

IFS Purecoat product range

IFS Purecoat comes in a range of powder coating chemistries. Whether it’s for interior or exterior use, there is a product chemistry to suit your needs and most are available in high, semi, satin and low gloss. The below list shows the different chemistries IFS Purecoat powder clear coats are available in:

Interior use

Exterior useBlack powder pile

Your IFS representative will advise you on the best clear coat for your product, but as a general guide epoxies are used mostly for chemical resistance and/or high impact resistance and urethanes will also offer good chemical and finger print resistance as well as anti-graffiti properties. Polyesters are a good all-round option, offer the lowest cost choice and good exterior durability, with super durable polyesters providing additional exterior protection from high UV exposure.

For exterior architectural applications, standard polyesters will all comply with the AAMA 2603 specification. Super durable clear coats will comply with AAMA 2604 and ultra durable fluoropolymer clear coats will meet the requirements of AAMA 2605. All are available in a selection of gloss levels.

IFS Purecoat is also available in the following formulations to take your products protection to the next level.

Anti-microbial Purecoat

IFS Purecoat anti-microbial powder coatings are put through strict, premium testing and achieve excellent test results. IFS anti-microbial powders pass ISO22196 and JIS Z2801 testing standards for efficacy. They are perfect for high use areas and applications including laboratories, bathrooms, hospitals, schools, handrails and fitness equipment. IFS anti-microbial Purecoat clears also boast excellent UV resistance, performing to BHMA specifications.

Anti-graffiti Purecoat

Add IFS anti-graffiti capability to IFS Purecoat. This clever formulation will aid the removal of unwanted graffiti from metal surfaces using common solvents. IFS anti-graffiti powder clear coats are also formulated to provide good chemical and stain resistance as well as excellent aesthetic appearance.

Fingerprint free Purecoat

Part of the IFS Purecoat range, this urethane coating is perfect for direct use over substrates to eliminate finger printing, offering protection for high touch pieces such as furniture or door knobs.

Ever Clear for chemical resistant environments

The IFS Ever Clear powder epoxy is an excellent clear coat designed for use in a high chemical resistant environment.

Out Gas Forgiving (OGF) Purecoat

Unique to IFS, this exciting new super durable powder clear coat provides truly exceptional protection and offers superb application parameters for use over aluminum die cast and zinc die cast where gassing is a major issue.

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