IFS PureClad

Powder for non-metal substrates - finishes for wood, MDF, fiberglass

IFS is proud to introduce PureClad powder coatings for alternative substrates. The product of countless hours of R&D investment and collaboration with allied suppliers dedicated to advancing powder coating beyond metal, PureClad incorporates breakthrough solutions which together set the stage for a new revolution in finishing for engineered wood products like MDF and HDF, many natural wood species, as well as other materials like fiberglass composites

Coating wood, MDF, fiberglass and other heat sensitive substrates has never been easier with the PureClad range of powders. This trailblazing new technology cures in only three minutes at 265°F, delivering exceptional flow, flexibility and performance properties.

PureClad, with virtually zero VOC’s, no hazardous waste and the lowest carbon footprint of any industrial coating technology, is firstly an environmentally friendly finishing solution – especially when compared to incumbent finishing technologies like liquid paint, laminate or thermofoil. PureClad achieves full cure at only 265°F in only 3-5 minutes, which means that many heat-sensitive substrates can now be powder coated without damage; and because the technology comes with excellent flow, we can now cure in that space without compromising aesthetic properties. PureClad finishes are tough, durable and have sufficient flexibility to accommodate the tendency of wood-based substrates to flex and shrink over time. 

Fast, low cure, smooth, durable and sustainable, PureClad powders deliver a stronger, safer, better finish for alternate substrates, overcoming the issues traditionally associated with powder for non-metal substrates.

Check out our that explains how its done and visit the IFS PureClad pages for more info on the range of PureClad powders, available colors and functionality, and it's incredible sustainability footprint.

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