IFS Hybrid Powder Coatings

Polyester/Epoxy Hybrids

These hybrid powder coatings represent a compromise between the performance of epoxies and polyesters.  They are formed by blending these two polymer types in different ratios depending on the end-use requirements.  Hybrid powder performance can be summarized as follows:

  • enhanced overbake resistance vs. epoxy 4 piles of green red yellow and blue powder
  • good Faraday Cage penetration (easier to penetrate recesses found in the part to be coated)
  • full range of gloss (10-95+)
  • ultra smooth, thin films (0.8-1.2 mils)
  • economical

Disadvantages for these hybrid powders are as follows:

  • poor outdoor weatherability

Hybrid powder coatings are generally found in office furniture, metal cabinets, shelving, interior light fixtures, power tools, automotive underbody/underhood parts.

IFS Acrylic Hybrid Powders

Acrylic hybrid powders are a blend of either polyester and acrylic or epoxy and acrylic. These formulations are primarily used in very low gloss (<10 @ 600) but can also be formulated to provide cross functional properties to polyesters or epoxies.

Please note that these represent general guidelines. Talk to the IFS lab or representative for a more detailed explanation and specific uses.