IFS Heat resistant powders

Sometimes having a coating that will work on or near products that get really hot is important. For certain applications, it’s important to ensure that the coating can withstand elevated temperatures without losing gloss, discoloring, cracking, or losing adhesion. IFS Heat Resistant powder coatings are designed to do all of that and more. The IFS range of Heat Resistant powder coatings was created using hard-working, extremely heat resistant silicone resins. These clever resins ensure that when exposed to elevated temperatures, the powder will continue to adhere, will not crack or delaminate, and will maintain color and gloss.

Product performance

At elevated temperatures, IFS Heat Resistant powder coatings display:Heat resistant brcohure

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to cracking
  • Excellent resistance to delamination
  • Color retention, especially black, metallics and dark colors.
  • Long-term gloss retention
  • Corrosion protection
  • Excellent weathering protection
IFS Heat Resistant powder products

We have a great selection of heat resistant powders in a range of colors and effects. They're designed to be easy to apply and use and come with the first class service and support that IFS is proud of. Below is a small selection of some of our most popular Heat Resistant products. For other colors or Heat Resistant products, please just call or send us an email.

  • TRSL 10275 Heat Resistant Smooth Black
  • TRSL 10245 Medium High Temp Black
  • TRFM 10291 Fire Black
  • TRSL 93137 Heat Resistant Silver
  • TRSL 93403 Stainless Steel Silver
IFS Heat Resistant powder applications

IFS Heat Resistant powders are perfect for rolled, extruded and die cast aluminum as well as rolled and cast steel. Grills, fire screens and heaters are just some of the products benefiting from IFS Heat Resistant powders. In fact, adding a heat resistant powder to an area that is exposed to high temperatures is a great way to add another level of protection.

How do they work?

It’s complicated, but clever, so here comes the scientific explanation. Our Heat Resistant coatings are based on hydroxyl-functional organopolysiloxane resins. The high energy silicon-oxygen bond found in polysiloxane resins makes the coatings stable at elevated temperatures, even in the presence of oxygen in the air.

After formulating our coatings using heat-resistant resins, we verify performance by testing each coating in a high temperature furnace. The actual temperature and dwell time depends on the application and the heat resistance requirement.

Colors and effects

IFS Coatings Heat Resistant powders are available in a great range of colors and special effects. In general, the heat resistance of the products also depends on the color. Blacks, dark colors and aluminum metallics are the most stable heat-resistant colors. They will perform without visual changes, with intermittent heat exposure up to 800°F, when formulated in the right technology. With continuous exposure, the coatings will continue to adhere and protect the substrate, but will eventually begin to lose color and gloss.

Brighter colors are more difficult to formulate in heat resistant technology as the organic pigments used to make some of these colors darken or fade when they are exposed to temperatures over 400°F. It depends on the level of heat resistance you require and the color you are interested in, so talk to your IFS representative and, along with our R&D experts they will be happy to advise you.

Special effects can also be formulated in heat resistant powder technology, so talk to us about Heat Resistant metallics and textures.