Acrylic Powder Coatings

Most acrylic powder coatings used today are referred to as “GMA Acrylics” owing to the incorporation of GMA (glycidyl methacrylate) monomer in the polymer backbone.  GMA Acrylics are almost universally used as clear coats. 

Advantages of acrylic powders include:

  • outstanding smoothness red powder pile
  • excellent weatherability
  • good chemical resistance
  • optical clarity and water-white color

Disadvantages of GMA Acrylic powders are:

  • poor impact resistance and flexibility
  • high cost
  • difficult to pigment into different colors
  • cross contamination into other chemistries is often a problem
  • poor storage stability

GMA Acrylic powders are found almost exclusively in the automotive sector as clear coats for aluminum wheels or auto-body. They can also be used in combination with polyesters to manipulate gloss or mechanical properties.

Please note that these represent general guidelines. Talk to the IFS lab or representative for a more detailed explanation and specific uses.