IFS ElectroStatic Dissipative Powder Coatings

What are ElectroStatic Dissipative powder coatings?

IFS ESD Coatings are high quality powder coatings that are designed to dissipate a static charge that can cause damage to sensitive electrical components. Available in a range of chemistries and colors, the product is formulated to provide a surface resistivity of 104 – 1011 Ohms. With electronics at the heart of almost every business, protecting your investment is crucial.

IFS ESD Coatings powder performance

Created with superior interior performance in mind, IFS ESD Powder Coatings exhibit the following properties on interior ESD leafletapplications:

  • Excellent surface resistivity (in the 104 – 1011 Ohms range)
  • Excellent hardness
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good salt spray resistance

Where are ESD powder coatings used?

Problems caused by electrostatic discharge are usually found in the electronics industry where products can suffer damage if they are subjected to an electrostatic charge. As few as 100 volts is enough to damage an electronic component, so utilizing electro dissipative powder coatings can help add a protective film. Generally used for interior products, applications include electronic enclosures, cabinets, computer work stations, server casings, shelving, robot components and more. With so much reliance on the electrical items themselves, ensuring the safe, continued, dependable performance of electronic equipment is essential. IFS ESD Coatings can offer a cost effective solution.


IFS ESD powder coatings are available in a wide range of colors, smooth and textured finishes as well as your own custom color. Talk to your IFS representative about your ESD coating color needs.

How are ESD powder coatings applied?

IFS ESD Coatings are applied in exactly the same way as any other thermosetting powder coating. No special equipment or technique is required! Please note, both pretreatment and increased film thickness will reduce conductivity.

What is electrostatic discharge?

Often simply called ESD, electrostatic discharge is an abrupt and generally brief electric current that is created between two objects with differing electric capabilities. Though they can be small, the unwanted electrical currents can cause damage to electrical equipment. Static electricity is often the main culprit. Just as something as simple as rubbing a balloon on your hair creates static electricity - and the ESD event created is when your hair stands up - friction between objects is easily produced. It’s usually brief, but the discharge can be significant and can negatively effect electronic equipment.

IFS ESD powder coatings offer:

  • Excellent functionality
  • Vast array of applications
  • No special equipment required to apply
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Wide range of colors
  • Gloss range 5 to 90
  • Smooth and textured finishes