Anti-graffiti powder coatings

Removing unwanted graffiti is challenging, time consuming and expensive. IFS powder coatings can be formulated with anti-graffiti capability, which aids in the removal of unwanted graffiti from metal surfaces. The IFS R&D team have formulated anti-graffiti powder coatings to ease the removal of graffiti using common solvents.graffiti

Choice of anti-graffiti chemistries

Available in a range of powder chemistries, including polyurethane, epoxy and modified polyester TGIC technology, these coatings not only have first class anti-graffiti properties, but they benefit from good chemical and stain resistance, great durability and of course they look great. They are suited to interior and exterior applications including public transport, public transit areas, signage, playground and recreational equipment, lockers and mailboxes, doors, gaming equipment, restroom structures, grills and roller doors.

Thousand of colors with anti-graffiti capability

Choose to add anti-graffiti properties to any of the thousands of IFS powder colors and custom color matching is also available. The power of IFS anti-graffiti coatings is also available as a clear coat through IFS Purecoat.