At IFS we know color. With over 76,000 colors in our powder database and a dedicated team of color experts, it’s no surprise.

See IFS Powder Colors

Want to see just some of our colors available online? With over 76,000 colors we can't put everything online, so if you don't find what you need, contact us for sample chips, colors cards or more! Our shades include standard color ranges such as RALs, Pantones, Federal explosion of powder coating colorsStandards, ANSI and more, as well as elegant blacks and whites, inviting browns, greys, silvers and bronzes, eye popping neons, warm earthy tones, soft pastels, candy colors and striking translucents.

We stock hundreds of colors in popular chemistries and have pre-formulated thousands more. Check out just some of the colors we have!.

Remember, you should never choose a color based on what it looks like on your screen. Phone, iPad and computer screens are not calibrated, so there can be a big difference in how the color appears on screen and in real life. You can order a free sample panel, or call 866 437 2864 and we’ll ship one right out to you.

We also have a great selection of color cards available for you and your customers.

These include:

To order free printed copies for you or your customers, contact us.

With 76,000 thousand colors, we can not keep every shade as a stocked color panel. Let us know what you need, and we will ship what we have to you. If we don’t have it ready to go, we can make it or custom match the color you need. Please note this will take a little longer to manufacture and ship.

For even more special effects and colors in polyester technology, check out our sister brand,