Altered RAL Colors

Make an RAL color yours!

Did you know you can also add a special effect or texture to any RAL powder color?

Available in our hard working standard polyester powder chemistry, at IFS we have these formulations ready to go, as part of our “Altered RAL” range. Simply let us know which RAL powder color you’d like then choose from the range of effects below to make that powder color your own.

Sparkle metallic                                        Semi gloss
River texture                                             Mini texture
Silver vein                                                 Anti-skid
OGF                                                          Anti-microbial

Please note, there are literally thousands of combinations of RAL colors and effects, so most of these will not be stocked. However we can make and get them out to you in 5 - 7 days. What's more, you can order them in quantities as low as 5lbs!.